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COM-756 The Laboratory

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COM-617 Emirates Stadium

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Amazing Space is considered the leading company in marketing space to the Film, TV, Advertising and Events industries. Our success has been built on professionalism, customer service and the ability to successfully bring together property owners and creatives.

Latest Briefs

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Type The Brief Duration Agency Contact Date Added
TV Drama Impressive London homes 2-3 Days Connie Henderson 3/7/2014
Feature Film Multi-site with buildings, land, warehouses 1-2 months Connie Henderson 3/7/2014
Filming Office Space - Meeting Room 5-6 days Stephanie Hamilton 20/6/2014
Empty residential Empty houses in London 1 week Rebecca Wallwork 18/6/2014
TV Commercial Contemporary restaurant with bar 2 days Connie Henderson 16/5/2014
Stills Colourful home with bags full of character 2 days Stephanie Hamilton 2/1/2014
Commercial Modern, sleek office space with views of London 1 week Connie Henderson 2/1/2014
Filming Supermarket; interior and exterior space 1-2 days Connie Henderson 20/12/2013